The Traveller

‘Travelling can change a person’ say many theories

Because it brings you many mysterious stories


The best traveller is the one who can travel to every dream destination

To fulfill his wanderlust and live up to all his fascination


To me, the best traveller ever is our own mind

Which has the power to travel anywhere leaving all behind


It is the most fearless, passionate yet cautious traveller

Who decides its own path and makes its own calendar


It could take us to our innocent childhood

Or anywhere anytime wherever we would


It travels to the world that does not yet exists

It takes us to people our heart persists


It travels to the ugliest dry barren land

And smiles, to let tiny saplings thrive through gravel and sand


It travels to every memory again and again

And lets us understand what was life’s bargain?


And, as they say ‘traveling makes you better stronger and fit to survive’

Our travelling mind brings us answers to all our questions helping us thrive


So, let the traveller travel to all good, bad, old and new destination

And bring back a bag full of hopes, smiles, wisdom that leads us to salvation


Poet :- Sushma


  1. A wonderful poem.Floats one to all spheres of life.l am highly impressed by the limits of imaginations of a budding poetess.

  2. Nice thought…yet to go in depth seems..i feel like common subject with different caption… Bcs many of us came across this fact that our mind is like a horse without reins or a kite without a string which always move without any direction. It can go anywhere…similar to “I wandered lonely as a cloud” by William Wordsworth..

  3. True… rarely do we realize we are constantly travelling in our minds to unknown destinations.. interesting take on the journeys within…

  4. Great going sush.Way to go.U r a budding poet.Indeed ur poem is truly reflective.Mind can embark a journey into the unknown…….

  5. Very well expressed..I can actually get connected to it..simple.. articulate..n leaves an impact to connect with the power of our brain..a traveller indeed..

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