The Caged Lioness

You captured a lioness and put her to cage

She seemed docile but she never lost her rage


She was in the cage with no way out

But she never like a cat started to purr or pout


Over the years she seemed to have given in

Yet her claws were sharp to tear through thick and thin


She learnt a few tricks for you, but could never be tamed

coz her body was trapped but her will never claimed


she was in a cage but still walked alone with pride

She still maintained her composure with none on her side


She then became a mother to cubs so pretty

that made her again fierce and witty


She no more realized any cage or wall

She just wanted her cubs to raise above all


She got back in her eyes the once lost sheen

coz now she had her own jungle where she was the queen


  1. The poem lends voice to many caged lionesses. Their personalities might lose their sheen for a while, but given half a chance, they spring back, ready to take on the world. Your persona shines through your words. Be yourself.. forever.. unmindful of the they say.. it’s all in the mind. God bless. Loads of love

  2. Very profound thought indeed….through the lioness u have talked about the ‘women’ n the mother n culminated them into one..many can easily relate to the lioness…a woman may be subjugated coz she chooses to be….. but her soul can never be subdued…n how beautifully u have captured a mother’s passion… how no one can ever trounce a mater
    Great going Sush! Compile n get them published.

  3. Very well written.. Just went with the flow.. Remarkable!
    Cheeres to the thought which are scribbled so well.. Please keep up and keep writing..

  4. I’m not a writer and not at all good in English. I may not understand each and every word but I surely understood this situation. Amazing ma’am😊

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