Love Arranged Or Arranged Love ???

I was having a casual conversation about my family life with my friend. “Hey, by the way, your’s was a love marriage or an arranged marriage.  I laughed at the question and said: “ How to categorize my marriage into love or arranged marriage.”It’s difficult to categorize my marriage. She asked, “ Why so Did you know each other from school, college or in office “. I said “No dear”. Then she said, “Obviously yours is an arranged marriage in that case.”  Hmm, why don’t you decide after listening to our marriage story .” “Why not I would love to listen to your story, “she said.

I was working in Pune in an MNC at that time. Marriage was nowhere in my mind for 3 to 4 years (that was my plan, not God's). I was busy in my own small world. 

My sister who was on her maternity break and enjoying her stay at our home, made my profile at Bharat  It was the first day of my profile being available at Bharat Matrimony (Although nobody informed me and took my consent). So the hero let me call him Mr X was searching for some eligible profiles at Bharat Matrimony.  All of a sudden my profile popped up. He didn’t pay much attention to that profile but sent a request ( Not to blame Mr X, My non-IT background sister has put up my most weird photo that too barely one on that site ).

As soon as my parents got the profile of Mr X they took out the Phone number of his dad and called him. They initiated the talks. Till this point nobody informed me. Mr X being DETECTIVE he is started searching my profile on Orkut and Facebook and he got it. He informed my dad that he wanted to speak to me once. O.K then my parents and my sister realized oh we have to inform the girl in question of the proposal. They informed me and sent Mr X’s biodata. I was not all interested to see the profile. But they called me again and asked me whether I have seen his pics. I thought I will immediately reject him.

I opened the email and saw his biodata. More than his pics what caught my attention was his date of birth. It was the same as mine. I must say I was impressed by those innocent eyes in the pic. Mr X called at 8 pm and guess what I was returning back from my friend’s place. I still don't know what he must have thought at that time because without saying him Hi or HELLO  I told him to call me after half an hour. Once I reached home he called me again. We started talking about our family, education, career, interest etc. His voice had some positive effect on me. We chatted for about 40 minutes. After keeping the phone down I was thinking why could I not say to him that I am not interested in marriage right now. I wanted to talk to him more.

My sister asked me what did we talk. I said Nothing. She told to me Don’t talk to him more till the things are finalized.  My mind wanted to agree to her but my heart didn’t agree. He called me again that night. I told him the same thing “ We shouldn’t talk much as  on phone till the things are finalized as till this point of time our families had not met each other .” My dad told me that he has booked his tickets to Pune for next week and we will be going to Bangalore to officially meet Mr X”.I was pretty excited yet nervous. By this time Mr X’s call and messages had become routine.

My dad called me three days before coming to Pune that his CEO is coming so we have to postpone the meet. It was scheduled for a week after. Mr X and I by this time had agreed to this marriage without seeing each other. After one week my dad and I went to Bangalore by bus.

I told him not to come to the bus stop and we would reach the service apartment. I wanted to look good in our first meeting. But again this also was not as per my plan. Mr X was waiting with his friend near the apartment. Imagine a sleep deprived girl dressed up casual in a Jeans and t-shirt after 15 hours of bus journey how would she be. Mr X was dressed up nicely and was looking good. We saw each other and he greeted my dad.

We met in the evening for coffee at CCD. We had chatted for almost 2 weeks daily on phone calls, but this was our first meet face to face. We both felt a little bit awkward and didn’t know what to speak. He gave me a beautiful watch. I gave him a keychain as a gift. Till this point, I guess we knew that we have fallen for each other. Things were not going as it goes in typical arranged marriage his family had not met me yet. My dad liked him and called his dad. His dad told that if his son agrees he doesn’t want to see me and my dad can meet him to discuss things further. I said Yes to marriage without meeting any of his family members.

Very soon our engagement was finalized. One day before the engagement Mr X’s dad and Mr X’s brother in law came to talk to my dad. I met his dad and brother in law for the first time. I touched their feet. Still, I was not able to believe I am sitting in front of my in-laws. Mr X was also present but we didn’t talk to each other that day.

On the day of engagement, I met his whole Family. Till now had heard about the family through him. First time in life I was feeling nervous because till now we only used to talk about our families but this was the first time we both were actually meeting each other’s family. The family members were happy and excited. We were trying to look at each other but were surrounded by so many relatives. He just looked at me and smiled.

Things took a perfect turn and we got married. This was not the end but a beautiful beginning of our story.

My friend said, “Hmm that's really a sweet love story I often have heard Love at first sight but this is  Love before first sight."

So What do you think whether this was love or arranged marriage? Feel free to comment your views.


  1. Lovely story … now thanks to the non IT educated sister to find Mr x for the girl in question. It’s a match made in heaven mitigated by a non IT angel🤣🤣

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