Ginny and her Friends

Ginny and her friends

 Once upon a time there was a big golden kingdom.  In that kingdom, there lived a princess Ginny – the gold fish. She used to swim inside the water. She used to play with her friends Octo – The Octopus and starry – The star fish.

Ginny, starry and Octo were playing with golden ball. While playing with her friends princess Ginny lost her golden ball. The ball went missing. Ginny the gold fish started crying. Octo the octopus and starry the star fish said “Don’t worry Ginny we will find your ball”

 Starry asked Hey Ginny do you remember where exactly you lost your ball. Ginny said we were playing there in the left side and ball went missing.

 Starry, Octo and Ginny went to the left side and started searching the ball. They didn’t find the ball. They went further ahead. Octo said ” We should not go ahead there lives giant – the blue whale”. They got scared. Starry said ” You both wait here. I will search there. I have promised you Ginny will search your ball”.

 Octo and Ginny said “We can’t leave you alone there starry. We all will go together”. They reached near the blue kingdom where lived giant the blue whale. Blue whale used to live alone in her kingdom. She had no friends. Hearing Ginny, starry and Octo’s voice giant asked “Who is there”. They all got scared.

Starry said “Sorry to disturb you Miss Giant. My friend princess Ginny lost her golden ball. We came here just to search her ball. Have you seen that ball”?

Giant said “Here is your golden ball”. Ginny said “Thanks Miss Giant. How you got this ball”. Giant said “It was me who took this ball. I used to see you all daily playing with each other. I live here all alone. I have no friends. I took this ball so that You all come here searching for the ball. I want to do friendship with you all. Can we be friends?”

Three of them looked at each other and smiled. They said “Off course Miss giant. It’s our pleasure to be your friend. Let’s play “.

Along with the lost ball Ginny got a new friend giant – the blue whale.

Author – Seema Pandey


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