Importance of Gratitude


As I was roaming around mall, I saw a 6-year-old boy who was running around. He was playing with ball.  Suddenly I saw him searching something. I looked around and saw his yellow ball lying in front of me. I picked up the ball, went to him, and gave him his ball. He looked at me with his wide eyes open and ran away. I was expecting a smile or a little thank you from him. Anyways I was a stranger to him so running away from me also made sense.

The same day when I was returning from the mall my both the hands were having shopping bags and my little girl was with me. One of the person was passing by he helped me in opening the gate of the society. My little girl said “Thank you to him “. He smiled and said, “You are welcome”. I was happy and asked her why you said, “Thank you“. She said “Mamma whenever somebody helps us we should be thankful to them. We should say Thank you. We should always appreciate the good work. We should show gratitude.

These two incidences on the same day made me realize the importance of gratitude in our life. How many of us show gratitude towards each other. It is not only saying “Thank you” to any one for their help. But also “Well done” for their good work.  Sometimes we do sometimes we do not.  Is it just because something within stops we from appreciating or saying thank you. Whatever be the reason but let us not forget that the world is beautiful only because of the goodness around us. We should try to appreciate the good work by saying Thank you, well done or a simple smile. We never realize that these simple things can make a lot of difference and the world a more beautiful place to live.

We often teach kids to say Thank you, Please, Sorry etc. However, we often forget that actions speak louder than words. We should appreciate them if they do something creative by saying “Good job”. If they clean up the area after playing with toys, acknowledge that they have done a nice work and say “Good job, well done”.

We are so busy in complaining regarding the negativity around us that often we forget to appreciate the positivity around us. Let us take a step forward and learn to be more grateful for the goodness and the positive things happening around us. Rather than busy in teaching the spelling of gratitude or meaning of gratitude to the little ones lets teach them the importance of gratitude and the real meaning of gratitude by our actions.


Some rightly said, “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow”.


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