Happy mom raises Happy Child

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Amayra was anxiously waiting for her mumma to come back from office. She wanted to show her mother’s day card which she had prepared at her school. Amayra’s babysitter Neelam told her to have milk "Your mumma will come in an hour. Its 6 PM now. She usually comes back by 7 PM. "  Neelam used to take care of Amayra from the time she was one-year-old. Now Amayra was 6 years old. Neelam was married for 15 years but had no children. She used to treat Amayra like her own daughter.  Neelam asked What’s special today Amayra . You are anxiously waiting for your Mumma. "Aunty this Sunday is Mother’s day. I have prepared a card for her. She will be so happy to see this. You know Aunty nowadays mumma seems to be very sad. She doesn’t even play with me. I want to make her happy."

Neelam thought  "Amayra is such a lovely child. Madam is so lucky to have her. " Amayra’s mumma  Ananya had opened her home Interior store in Mumbai recently. She was in initial phase of her business. She had invested all her savings in the business but had not started getting returns. She was struggling with her business. Ananya’s husband had expired three years back in an accident. She was both mother and father to Amayra. She was in lot of stress these days due to her business not growing well as per her expectations.

As soon as Ananya returned home Amayra hugged her “Mumma Mumma I want to show you something." She said "Not now Amayra later" and she went inside. She changed her clothes and went inside the kitchen to cook dinner. Amayra excitedly went inside kitchen and said "Mumma come play with me."

" I need to cook dinner  Amayra." Amayra was disappointed and sat on the Sofa. Neelam was about to leave for her home. She noticed sad Amayra sitting on the Sofa. She went to Ananya and said “Madam I am leaving home." You know what Madam you are very lucky to have Amayra. She loves you a lot. Whole day she was waiting for you to show the mother’s day card she made for you. I know Madam you are busy in your work or may be stressed due to your work but look at those innocent eyes. You know what said to me today, She said “I don’t like my Mumma sad. I want her to be happy. " Tears rolled down Ananya’s cheeks listening to Neelam. “Madam she wants to see you happy. Kids understand everything." Ananya thanked her  "Neelam thank you very much for making me understand this. I didn’t realize that I was being unfair to my little angel."Ananya realized that she had promised Amayra to take her for Incredible2 movie over the weekend but couldn’t go as she was tired and exhausted.

She went to Amayra and said “ I am in no mood to cook today. Shall I order some  pizza for both of us. Till the time your pizza comes lets play your favourite game." Amayra was looking at her in surprise. Ananya said "What have you planned for Sunday. This Sunday is mother’s day. Let’s go out for movie on Sunday and then we will go to park ". Amayra was very happy. She said “Mumma I wanted to show mother’s day card to you ". She brought the card which read  "To the world’s best mom Happy mother’s day."

Ananya looked at her husband’s pic and promised him “I will always smile and be happy for Amayra". After all A happy mom can only raise a happy child.

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