English – Language or Status

I was holding the hand of my little one and walking in a mall. I heard a lady talking to her 5 year old Son who was telling his mom mumma angoor le lo na.She got bit annoyed and immediately said say mumma lets buy some grapes. Did the little boy say anything wrong. The answer is "No". I do understand that kids should be able to communicate in English. But I have seen many parents who over emphasize the need of English. But shouldn't  your mother tongue be your primary language.

A child born to kannadiga parents should learn kannada first marathi parents should know marathi first. English is a language which they will eventually learn because of the schooling system we have in our country. We are a multi lingual and multi cultural society. Did we ever redicule a Japaneese person because he doesnt know english or a Spanish person because his english is poor. Again the answer is big NO. Then why do we need to look down our own Indian people whose English is not upto the mark.

English can never become the criteria how educated the person is . A person can be highly knowledgeable and educated even though he has studied in Hindi medium. Why we as parents tell kids you should know English. Communicate in English always. They should be able to express themselves. Lets not make them a confused identity.

Giving good values is important. India is a vast country with strong cultural values . Lets build their basics strong. Let them explore their mother tongue. We should tell them bed time stories in mother tongue. While celebrating Diwali they should know why is this festival celebrated.

We should always be proud of our roots,our culture,our language,our food. A japaneese person always greets person by bowing his head down same way we touch feets of our elders.  Lets give our little ones same values.As we are a global society so yes  English is very important in todays world but then lets not degrade the importance of our own language.  I am happy to hear my little one sing Hathi raja bahut bade.

Language should be a mode of communication not the identifier of your education or status.


  1. I agree with this! As someone from a country whose native language isn’t English either (but rather a form of it), it sucks that people consider it as a measure of intelligence. It definitely isn’t. Oh well, I hope more people become more accepting of their native tongues!

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