How to be a Easy parent


I was browsing through the Tv channels, It was a interview of an actress which caught my attention. She was describing “How her life completely changed after she became Mother she forgot to live her life for 3 years once her Daughter was born. She was being extra possessive and careful with her baby. One day she realized she hadn’t heard her favorite music for 3 years. She realized she need not to be so serious always regarding motherhood.

Apart from being a Mother she is also a human being. She needs to take care of herself too.

Isn’t this the case with all of us? We often get obsessed with the idea of being a Parent.

Parenting is something in which you cannot fail. It’s true that we must take care of little one and give him/her the best upbringing. But that doesn’t mean forgetting ourselves completely. Being a parent doesn’t mean that you cannot listen to your favorite music or you cannot take time for your exercise.

A child requires a happy atmosphere. If you are too stressed regarding parenting can you give your child a happy upbringing. You can be happy if you start taking things easy.

“Parenting can be fun only when you take it easy”.

How to be an easy parent.  Here are some tips which can be followed .

Be a Role model

We often say to our kids you should speak truth, not watch tv or mobile for Long time, eat healthy food etc. It should not be just a saying rather we should walk the talk. Kids observe parents the most. Action speaks louder than words. If they see us doing the same no need to remind them thousand time.

Take time for yourself. Do something that interests you.

After becoming parents, we often neglect ourselves the most. But parents should take time for themselves. Whether it’s reading book, listening to favorite music they should go for it.

Read few pages of book Everyday to your child

Reading story books to your child is one of the best gift or a special memory which you can give to your little one. It inculcates a habit of reading books from early years. Also, it is de-stressing exercise for parents when they watch their little one giggle or excited listening to those stories

Don’t stop your little one from playing. Let him explore the world on his own.

Don’t worry too much. Let him fall and get up on his own. Let him explore the world on his own. He will be happy and confident child.

Praise their achievements

We as parents often say no don’t do that. But let’s praise our little one for their little achievement by saying good job well done. These words encourage them to do better every time. Let’s encourage them not just criticise them

Play with your little one Everyday.

I Guess we all do that but rather than focusing on teaching them values, discipline we should have a special time with the kids as part of our daily routine. We should play with them daily and learn new thing from them.

Say “I love you” to your child as many times as you can

All parents love their kids the most. But it’s important to let them know by our actions and let’s say I love you to them as often as we can. These three golden words are the most precious words which kids want to hear.

Last but not the least we all know that parenting is not easy. It’s a roller coaster ride. We can enjoy this roller coaster ride by being an easy parent. All new mommies and daddies take it easy. And enjoy with your little one. Be a happy parent not a worried Parent.


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  1. Valuable points. I read an article about the science behind reading to your child every day and how it benefits them – that’s something that I’m striving to do more often. And your point about how we are a role model also hit home. Being an Easy Parent – taking it “easy”, and not stressing so much is such an important message. Sure, do those things that must be done, but find a way to have fun while doing them. Thank you for the reminder!

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